Improving along the way, one experience at a time

Masterclass, Residential, Travel

Immersive, engaging, tiring, authentic

Travelling with us means experiencing first-hand the stories you will later tell. But not only that. It also means acquiring those fundamental tools to do it best.

Because it is not enough to have lived a story to be able to tell it.
Training on travel – on the road or residential – are unique experiences to get involved and redefine one’s storytelling, reportage, and photo-video journalism skills.

Individual and tailor-made.
We take care of you to realise your projects together



Training, teaching, experience, experimentation, study.
Lots of field work – alone or in small teams – and the correct theory because getting your hands dirty is a great way to learn something.

Our Classes enable you to gradually acquire the essential narrative techniques and tools for telling a story. But not only that: they are also an opportunity for discussion and growth.






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Class, Masterclass, Residential, Travel

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We met Jorgelina, 65, who from Monday to Friday opens her Comedor Micaela to the poorest families in the barrio La Boca.
They are the commuters of Buenos Aires, those who move every day within a pattern predefined by the necessities of modern life.
The Sponge Ladies guard a fundamental heritage for the development of the local community, and the preservation of the environment
Kaiky, 93, is perhaps the last witness of the atavistic Moken culture, the last nomads of the sea. This is her story.

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DooG Reporter | Stories to share

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