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Gabriele Orlini

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Born in Trieste, Milan adopted him, but he is Porteño by destiny.
Gabriele Orlini likes to return to his intimate and melancholy Buenos Aires whenever he can.
He has no roots but legs and has chosen to be in the wind job not to betray that subtle and vital need to feel elsewhere.

Photojournalist, writer, documentary photographer, film director, and traveller by an incurable need of the soul. A strong advocate of travel as an irreplaceable means of knowledge, he uses the art of visual storytelling to depict the struggles and contradictions of the world. With the photojournalist’s methodological precision and the storyteller’s vision, he devotes himself to those stories that seem to want to remain hidden.

It tells the stories of individuals, men and women, who together make up that decomposed puzzle called Humanity and to which we all, in some way, belong. He tells them mainly through photography. But he also writes to give a strong voice, especially to those invisible stories lost in the media turmoil of everyday life. He loves to get into complex stories and get, despite himself, entangled in them.

Gabriele Orlini talks about the travails of refugees and their hopes, sexual abuse and violence against women from Africa to South America, brothels and child soldiers, and outcasts, … but also smiles. He prefers to immerse himself in stories with medium- and long-term plans whenever possible. A teacher by vocation, he loves doing workshops to help people recognize and develop their storytelling skills.

He still believes that photography must come before its author’s name due to the respect for the stories it carries.

I tell the stories of individuals, men and women, who together make up that decomposed puzzle called Humanity and to which we all, in some way, belong.

Gabriele Orlini in DooG Reporter

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Through Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile to document and support those who dedicate their lives to others.
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In Thailand, just receiving a greeting puts you in the position of wanting to respond because Sawadee is not just a greeting
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Sala Keoku is a garden populated by giant statues inspired by Buddhism and Hinduism, on the banks of the Mekong
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At Khlong Toei, in the heart of Bangkok, Gabriele found another piece of that uncomfortable lightness he loves so much
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Eventually, by trying to become 'unseen', perhaps, we might even find our own space to take up. The Mekong Notes started, directly from Bangkok.
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