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Uruguay | Argentina | Bolivia | Chile | Argentina - 11.000 km, 6 motos, 10 humans


The MotoForPeace Project

MotoForPeace ETS is an association founded by members of the Italian and European police forces that combines a passion for two wheels with solidarity.

Since the year 2000, it has been making motorcycle expeditions to the most deprived areas of the world, supporting and actively participating in humanitarian projects to protect children’s schooling and provide educational, hospital, and medical supplies to the neediest populations.

MotoForPeace’s projects enjoy the patronage of the Department of State Police and the Presidency of the Italian Republic, which has already awarded the non-profit organization 10 medals “as its representative award” for as many missions carried out.

Since 2018, MotoForPeace has been supporting and documenting the realities of Catholic missions worldwide in collaboration with the Dicastery for Integral Human Development and, for 2023, with CELAM (Latin American and Caribbean Episcopal Conference).

Missions are designed and implemented directly by team members who use personal funds and resources to carry out the projects, with the support of some sponsors, especially technical ones.

Men and women who are united-not only by their membership in the police force but also by their passion for two wheels, and above all, by their great desire to help others.

Team members have different roles, ages, cultural and social backgrounds. Within the group are mechanics, drivers and doctors who ensure complete self-sufficiency for the team during the mission.

In all capitals of the countries crossed, meetings are organised with civil and military leaders, during which MotoForPeace always receives solidarity and support. The team is often housed in barracks, gyms, and religious centres and is significantly welcomed by the many Italian communities abroad.

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The DooG Reporter's job

Documenting & Reportage

Documenting missionary work through motorcycle expeditions can be a unique and exciting experience offering a sincere, at times intimate, perspective on Catholic missionary work.
Motorcycles make it possible to reach remote places and meet people who otherwise would not be reachable; they are often an element of unity and passion; they make it possible to break down the barrier of mistrust.

The Docu-Film and Reportage is the diary of an exciting journey through territories as spectacular as they are difficult to traverse.

A sincere documentation, ethical, and with great moral content in representing the missionary and pastoral work of the Catholic Church in the world, which through its small and large communities-and with the creation of its missionary fathers, are the great proponents of human and social progress even in the less fortunate areas of the planet.

It also talks about meeting different peoples, cultures, social realities, skies, roads, majestic mountains and centuries-old forests. Of the silent and loving work of the missionary: a man or woman who has given his or her vocation to helping others in a sometimes complicated territory.

It is also an account of the difficulties, setbacks, human events, personal stories, passions and motivations that lead the MotoForPeace team to embark on this human adventure around the world to give concrete help and a solid voice for Catholic missions around the world by becoming from witnesses to storytellers.

The tale of a mission

The personal stories and motivations of the men and women who make up the MotoForPeace Team are the human face of the Reportage and Docu-Film.

The narrative of Catholic missionaries: prominent, silent men whose work in cities and small towns brings hope to Latin populations, often entangled in complex and challenging social realities.

And in meeting with missionary communities and sharing everyday life, travelling: to discover oneself, coming to terms with one’s conscience by questioning one’s certainties, interweaving one’s experience with that of the people met along the way. An almost intimate dimension that intersects the individual stories with the motivations, fears, and hopes of these individuals toward the mission’s goals.

The team and the meetings

They are entrusted with the difficult task of arriving at their destination on time and schedule.

Motorcyclists have a special relationship with their means of transportation, which they rely on to reach inaccessible and inconvenient areas. They are centaurs with a human faces, in total symbiosis with their motorcycles, always ready to get the children they meet along the road on the saddle to smile at them.

They are men and women of marked physical and psychological endurance, ready to endure adverse weather conditions and hardships of the most diverse nature, animated by the desire to help the neediest, the weakest, and the less fortunate, supporting them concretely, improving their sanitation, alleviating, as much as possible, their suffering.

They are members of the armed forces proud of their uniform, ambassadors of peace and solidarity.

Travel Log

the travel journal

Those who live on the street know what the giant leap is. And Roosevelt, who today has a first name but also a last name, did it twice.
Every day, we start again. The journey is long. But after the first few meetings, the heart is already a little heavier.
I was raised with a lot of certainty and a few values ... then I started to travel
Faces of men and women marked by time, by the living eyes you must glimpse between the furrows of rough skin
Like a mirage in the desert, a long, messy expanse of little ones and crosses and fluff, where life and death bark alike.
Through Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile to document and support those who dedicate their lives to others.
ENTIENDO | Una cruzada de paz along the Latin American routes: the docufilm produced by DooG Reporter, based on the MotoForPeace expedition to South America.
The short movie of MotoForPeace's 2018 'Anonymous of the Faith' humanitarian expedition to Southern Africa
The humanitarian mission of the non-profit organisation MotoForPeace in South America in 2020, through Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.
The humanitarian mission of the non-profit organisation MotoForPeace in Southern Africa, through South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

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