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In Jambiani, a group of women, supported by the NGO Marinecultures, raise sponges: an activity that gives them an income and helps to protect the ocean
The simultaneous existence of those who live along that piece of the railway that runs through Phaya Thai, in the centre of Bangkok
The story of an encounter with a Mahut and his elephant Kropun in the jungle of Mondulkiri, Cambodia.
Nostalgia permeates the energy of the seen, making the unseen the story's protagonist. We are on Nong Khai's Riverside, dressed up but empty.
In Micheal's Irish Pub in Nong Khai, Murphy's Golden Rules, the ten rules of lived life, lay down the law
Looking for an answer in Khlong Toei Market in Bangkok, where light finds no space and, faintly, is coloured with red
... and how nice it is to discover that after all, the only effort worth expending is that of letting things happen, without fear of our inadequacy.
Bangkok is a city on water and the canals of the Chao Phraya fill it like a beating heart in a fluid state.
Move Zanzibar Community Center's goal is to inspire, educate and motivate Jambiani youth through sport
The Sponge Ladies guard a fundamental heritage for the development of the local community, and the preservation of the environment
The story of a day spent at the Kikadini school, where feeling out of place never felt so good.
S21, in Phnom Penh, was the most crucial detention and torture centre of the Khmer Rouge regime.
The profession of a photojournalist is made up of encounters and relationships with the world one knows and the world one changes.
An elephant strides slowly through the foliage of the trees, guided by its Mahut in an almost liturgical silence.
Kaoh Trong: a 10 km island resting on a sandbank in the middle of the Mekong. Two ancient pagodas, rice fields, banana trees, and pomelos.
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DooG Reporter | Stories to share

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