Fabio Lovati

In our inadequacy

... and how nice it is to discover that after all, the only effort worth expending is that of letting things happen, without fear of our inadequacy.
Academy Xperience Thai Mekong River Journey
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Academy Xperience Thai Mekong River Journey

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The journey begins, it is my first day in Bangkok, the very first on the continent mirroring my doubts. In a leap into the unknown, I am bathed in new experiences imbued with a bombastic rhythm, which I cannot yet comprehend but search for frantically.

With my heart knocking at every encounter, I move through the straits among new smells, tastes and looks filled with benevolent humanity. I already want to grab them! But everything moves too soon and I am motionless.

It is only when the day ends, tired of assumptions that I begin to believe that perhaps there is no need to look outside for the extraordinary when the ordinary, when indeed observed, has in itself the surprising.

So you know what?
I start shouting at myself in those alleys that the Capital of the Orient always makes dark, never blind, and how nice to discover that, after all, the only effort worth spending is to let things happen without fear of our inadequacy.

Text & Photos: Fabio Lovati 
Original text in Italian - In house translation
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Fabio Lovati
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An on the journey training to tell the story of what happens on the banks of one of the world's most essential and fascinating rivers.

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