Individual, tailor-made, baby steps

Stories in the world cannot be told except by living them first-hand.

It is those stories that, when placed close to each other, can stir consciences, open gaps, and broaden horizons.

And these are stories that cannot be experienced from afar.
To narrate them, one must immerse oneself. You have to get dirty with them.

A trusting relationship

Our objective is to help you realise your goal of becoming a professional reportage photographer. AND OURS WILL BE A RELATIONSHIP OF TRUST.

Mentorship is individual, tailor-made and adapted to your level of preparation.
But it won’t be a walk in the park: we want commitment and dedication from you.
We will encourage you to think and see differently, but it is up to you to put it into practice.

COMPETENCE and EXPERIENCE are two keys to success for a PHOTOPORTER.
And the Mentorship is based on this.

“Nothing happens, what do I photograph?”
Before setting out, one must know what one wants to tell; otherwise, nothing may happen simply because our eyes cannot see the many things happening instead.
Knowing what you will say is a skill and is among the things we can teach you in Mentorship.
It sounds trite, but it is not enough to say, “I am going to photograph that” and then bring home a complete job.

“During the cloudburst, my passport got wet, and now I have a problem at customs.”
Always put your passport and credit card in an airtight bag when travelling, so even if the monsoon surprises you, you will be prepared. Knowing how to deal with minor – or big – hitches when on assignment results from experience, professionalism, and love for one’s work.

But why waste time – and sometimes even work – when someone can give you tips?
Spoiler: there can be countless snags, but if we add up the experiential baggage of DooG, a good chunk has already been solved. And this is also among the things we want to SHARE with you during the mentorship.

We want to take you to the next level in your career as a photojournalist.
With Mentorship we take care of you to realise your goals together.

To start with, get in touch with us

Stories from inside

An elephant strides slowly through the foliage of the trees, guided by its Mahut in an almost liturgical silence.
One morning in February, I immersed myself in its colours, also looking for the people who live here, the hues that so characterise La Boca.
The Cartoneros go around the city streets hunting for anything recyclable that becomes food, and survival for them.
Without names, without documents, without nationality, timeless. Free. This is the life of the Moken, the last nomads of the sea.

DooG Reporter | Stories to share

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DooG Reporter | Stories to share

All rights reserved ©2023