Who we are

Telling humanity

in all its shapes and forms, without scaremongering or hype

The stories we tell in the DooG Reporter project are all united by a common thread: they are small stories of ordinary extraordinariness, narrated ethically by those who witnessed them.

A desire to know to understand

There are stories that often do not make the headlines but have the power to change our prejudices, raise awareness, and make us appreciate the beauty of our world. It’s stories that cannot be told from afar. To narrate them, it is first essential to understand them. And this can only happen by experiencing them up close.

Small or big stories, beautiful or ugly, useless or immense. We like to think that beauty never bores.
And understanding is beauty. This we do with ethics and honesty, one step at a time.

We are storytellers of the world

We are photographers, writers, video-makers, and illustrators. We put our face into what we do because we believe in the responsibility of telling these stories. We aim to build trust with our readers: if we tell you a story, it is because that story exists.






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DooG Reporter was founded on 17 January 2019

and we haven't stopped since

We are an independent project

We are without editors and advertisements to preserve the freedom and accessibility of our stories.

So… how do we support ourselves? Investing time, energy and personal resources. And thanks to the support of our readers: your contribution is essential to the project.
Thank you for believing in what we do and how we do it.

Why a dog in our logo?

DooG Reporter’s logo features the silhouette of a dog named Valentino, a Jack Russell Terrier with a curious nose and a dogged determination that never allows him to give up – or at least not until he has achieved his goal.

On the surface, DooG may be associated with the English word dog.
But if we change our point of view and read backwards, it becomes GooD (like beautiful). Because these are the stories we want to tell: positive stories of tenacity, determination and stubbornness.
Stories are carried forward even when it is difficult to do so. Stories that make us rediscover true beauty in this crazy world of ours.

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DooG Reporter | Stories to share

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DooG Reporter | Stories to share

All rights reserved ©2023