Code of Conduct and Ethics

Everyone has the right to be informed appropriately

DooG Reporter | Stories to share has decided to be inspired by the Code of Ethics promoted by the NPPA – National Press Photographers Association and the Code of Conduct of the Frontline Freelance Registeras it recognizes every person’s right to be correctly informed, with reliable and honest sources, and to be an active part of the world in which we live.


Our Authors accept the duty and responsibility el to become trustees of the public. Our primary role is to report visually on significant events and various viewpoints in our shared world. Our main goal is the faithful, honest and ethical portrayal of the proposed Stories.

We accept the responsibility of documenting society and preserving its history through images. Photographs and videos can reveal great truths, expose wrongdoing and neglect, inspire hope and understanding, and connect people around the world through the language of visual comprehension. But they can also cause serious harm if insensitively intrusive or manipulated.

These Codes – which DooG Reporter is inspired by – are intended to promote the highest quality in all types of visual journalism and to strengthen public confidence in the profession. And also designed to serve as an educational tool for both those who practice and those who appreciate photojournalism.

Ethical Code

Each Author, and those called to collect Stories on DoG Reporter, is responsible for upholding the following standards in their work daily:

  • Accuracy and completeness in the representation of subjects.
  • Resists manipulation of photographs for the opportunity of the scene.
  • It is comprehensive and provides context when photographing or recording subjects. Avoids stereotyping of individuals and groups. Recognizes and works to avoid presenting biases in work.
  • Treats all subjects with respect and dignity. Pays particular attention to vulnerable subjects and compassion for victims of crime or tragedy.
  • While photographs do not contribute to, alter, or intentionally attempt to alter or influence events.
  • Editing should maintain the integrity of the content and context of photographic images. Does not manipulate images or add or alter the sound in any way that might mislead viewers or misrepresent subjects.
  • Does not accept gifts, favours or compensation from those who might seek to influence coverage.
  • Does not intentionally sabotage the efforts of other reporters.
  • Does not engage in harassing behaviour toward colleagues or subjects and maintains the highest standards of conduct in all professional interactions.


Ideally, the Author featured on DooG Reporter should:

  • Think proactively to develop a unique and honest vision and representation.
  • Seek total and unrestricted access to the topic, evaluate alternatives, seek a different point of view, and try to show unpopular or unobserved viewpoints.
  • Avoid political, civic and corporate involvements or other employments that compromise or give the appearance of compromising one’s authorial independence.
  • Be discreet and humble in dealing with subjects.
  • Respect the integrity of the photographic moment.
  • Engage by example to maintain this code’s spirit and high standards. To continually study one’s craft and the ethics that guide it.

Code of Conduct

  • Support and defend the principle of free speech and the public’s right to accurate information, reporting and interpreting facts of public interest with scrupulous honesty.
  • Not allowing personal bias or outside interests to influence us in performing our duties, nor unnecessarily emphasizing ethnicity, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Correct any harmful inaccuracies, never plagiarize the work of others, or falsely claim to work for a news organization to gain access to a story.
  • Protect the identity and confidentiality of any source which provides us with information and ensure that our digital security skills and procedures match this requirement.
  • Do not allow threats, gifts or benefits to cause us to alter our services, distort or suppress information, or falsely endorse an interest, product or service.
  • Do not take undue personal advantage of information obtained in our work.
  • Respect individual privacy unless there is a real need for public accountability for the persons concerned.
  • Work openly and directly, except where we are convinced of the importance of our story and our work requires us to do otherwise.

Main Principle

Of each work, with interest in publication, its source, truthfulness, and reliability is verified as the main guarantee to the reader of “explicit truth” and a demonstration of intellectual and deontological honesty of DooG Reporter and the author himself.
Should inaccuracies, discrepancies, inaccuracies or any other ungrateful element be found to generate doubt about the “correctness” and “truth” principle of the published story, the publication itself will be suspended – or denied – until the problem is resolved. This also applies to published works that could be blacked out, suspended, or deleted should any of the above cases arise.

For any reports or complaints, please write to Staff


Excerpted from Ethics Code of NPPA – National Press Photographers Association and Frontline Freelance Register
Subscribed by DooG and DooG Reporter | Stories to share and its Authors.
Last updated April 12, 2023

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