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Paseador de perros

Paseador de perros are young girls and boys who walk several dogs at the same time, along the streets of Buenos Aires.
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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is the Latin American country with the highest concentration of pets.
Dog owners can entrust their animals to the Paseador de perros.
They are young boys or girls who entertain dogs in both neighbourhoods and pet parks. It is thought that dog walking is simply to satisfy one’s physiological needs, instead, a healthy walk is necessary for the health and well-being of our pet.

The Paseador de perros is a true profession with good knowledge of the functionality of collective walking. Depending on the dog’s breed, age and physical condition, requirements change. The dogs are taken to their homes and returned after about two hours.

CABA | ©Alida Vanni, 2018

The ability to keep the canine group together is truly unique. It is surprising how easily Paseadors can handle 5 to 15 leashes in their hands. It is curious to see so many dogs on the pavement jogging close to each other, without barking, without fighting each other and without pulling on the leash.

At the moment of physiological need, all dogs wait quietly and motionlessly for their companion to finish, and then start walking again. When the paseador walks away to return one dog to its owner, the others remain quietly in the group, tied up, waiting to be returned to their destination.

Whenever a call comes for a new assignment, the dog is walked individually for at least two outings, so that it becomes familiar with its new companion.
Perhaps in times of crisis, one invents a business. Probably.
These guys have done courses to be able to carry out their profession. Dogs must be carried responsibly. They must be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for this activity.

Text & Photos: Alida Vanni 
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Academy Xperience Buenos Aires Streets

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