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An ancient ceremony that continues to unite the community
Somewhere between Europe and what Europe is not
Stories of children and young people, rediscovering a part of themselves
Fantasia in the Lamidat of Gashiga
A contradictory city with ancient charm in which to rethink one's life
The circle is the infinite, but also the eternal return and the whole, heaven and earth together, the world

Stories of life lived

Stories to understand the complexity of the world, step by step

A towpath pulled me into a world still suspended between a fascinating past and an uncertain future: the world of the Moken, the last nomads of the sea.
The Cartoneros go around the city streets hunting for anything recyclable that becomes food, and survival for them.
PEL Art Project: when art and its colours manage to break through walls, both physical and cultural
In Fez, Morocco, there is a free clinic that takes care of donkeys, mules and hinnies, the real driving force of this city
They are the commuters of Buenos Aires, those who move every day within a pattern predefined by the necessities of modern life.

In the life of people

Ordinary stories of extraordinary people worth knowing

The situation of those Roma families still living in the Polveriera, and in two other ghettos of social housing in Reggio Calabria.
A story of ordinary loneliness. A faulty story in which a piece of humanity is slowly being consumed in general indifference.
HoMe tells the story of the loss of a loved one through the work tools left behind.
The circle is the infinite, but also the eternal return and the whole, heaven and earth together, the world
Move Zanzibar Community Center's goal is to inspire, educate and motivate Jambiani youth through sport

Guardians of traditions

Getting to understand traditions through their fascinating stories

In Swahili, he is the woodo doctor, but to all forest people he is "o curandero."
Land of shepherds and bandits, partisans and rebels. Land of strong traditions and history in danger of disappearing.
The struggle of a people for its survival
Varanasi, the sacred city of India, turns out to be a gateway to paradise for many but a hell on earth for these widows
Like a mirage in the desert, a long, messy expanse of little ones and crosses and fluff, where life and death bark alike.

Places tell their stories

Getting to know the world through places and their stories

We go into the heart of Villa 31. We have entered an inter-world, where you quickly realise that the state is not there and the police are almost absent.
One morning in February, I immersed myself in its colours, also looking for the people who live here, the hues that so characterise La Boca.
Shanghai is imploding to burst with modernity, but the risk is to lose its soul.
Looking for an answer in Khlong Toei Market in Bangkok, where light finds no space and, faintly, is coloured with red
Water is scarce in Sudan, and entire families have to travel tens of kilometres to get to often unhealthy water sources

Coexistence is possible

Stories to inspire sustainable coexistence among the Earth's citizens

The jungle in northern Thailand, near the Doi Mod mountains, is very dense and difficult to cross. This is the sacred place of the Lahu.
The High Line is an urban park built on the remains of an elevated railroad that can take you across Manhattan's West Side at a height of 9 meters.
The story of an encounter with a Mahut and his elephant Kropun in the jungle of Mondulkiri, Cambodia.
In Jambiani, a group of women, supported by the NGO Marinecultures, raise sponges: an activity that gives them an income and helps to protect the ocean
Without names, without documents, without nationality, timeless. Free. This is the life of the Moken, the last nomads of the sea.

As explorers, we note the journey and what happens along the way

Silence in Cambodia is not just a lack of noise, it is much more. The friendliness of people is a form of silence.
Tarantulas are one of the most characteristic dishes of Cambodian cuisine and also a powerful elixir of beauty - they say.
Faces of men and women marked by time, by the living eyes you must glimpse between the furrows of rough skin
Those who live on the street know what the giant leap is. And Roosevelt, who today has a first name but also a last name, did it twice.
Sala Keoku is a garden populated by giant statues inspired by Buddhism and Hinduism, on the banks of the Mekong
1240 kilometres of dirt track and asphalt stretch through the clouds and crystal-clear waters of the Andes. This is the Carretera Austral.

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