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Stories of some young Russian voices from across the border trying to build an opposition
Through Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile to document and support those who dedicate their lives to others.
Like a mirage in the desert, a long, messy expanse of little ones and crosses and fluff, where life and death bark alike.
Faces of men and women marked by time, by the living eyes you must glimpse between the furrows of rough skin
I was raised with a lot of certainty and a few values ... then I started to travel
Every day, we start again. The journey is long. But after the first few meetings, the heart is already a little heavier.

Stories of life lived

Stories to understand the complexity of the world, step by step

Paseador de perros are young girls and boys who walk several dogs at the same time, along the streets of Buenos Aires.
In Fez, Morocco, there is a free clinic that takes care of donkeys, mules and hinnies, the real driving force of this city
We met Jorgelina, 65, who from Monday to Friday opens her Comedor Micaela to the poorest families in the barrio La Boca.
Those who live on the street know what the giant leap is. And Roosevelt, who today has a first name but also a last name, did it twice.
In Chiapas, Mexico, the consumption of sparkling and sugary drinks by the local population is alarming.

In the life of people

Ordinary stories of extraordinary people worth knowing

A bit like doctors, sorceresses and psychologists, they arrived where official medicine did not come or arrived too late
This is the story of Jovanka, the mother of Goran, a Serbian paratrooper who died in 1999, in Kosovo, during a NATO bombing raid
They are mercenaries of the ideal called soldiers, volunteers, heroes, violent or brave, but also fathers, sons, comrades, and brothers.
In Micheal's Irish Pub in Nong Khai, Murphy's Golden Rules, the ten rules of lived life, lay down the law
Homelessness doesn’t define a person: a project dedicated to those people without a house in Skid Row, Los Angeles

Guardians of traditions

Getting to understand traditions through their fascinating stories

When is it right to take photographs? A reflection arising from a trip to the Omo Valley
On the island of Koh Phayam, there lives a group of Buddhist monks, some 30 souls known as the Sea Monks.
On 31 January, in Ardesio, the 'Scasada del Zenerù' is celebrated: word-for-word, the 'send away the big Jannuary'.
Every thirty years in the sacred forests of Casamance (Senegal), hundreds of young diola boys become men through the initiation of the Boukout
Varanasi, the sacred city of India, turns out to be a gateway to paradise for many but a hell on earth for these widows

Places tell their stories

Getting to know the world through places and their stories

Looking for an answer in Khlong Toei Market in Bangkok, where light finds no space and, faintly, is coloured with red
What is life like for the six pandas in the Beijing Zoo, one of the few places in the world, where these animals live in captivity?
Shanghai is imploding to burst with modernity, but the risk is to lose its soul.
"Now you must explain to me why you want to enter the Villa." "Because beauty starts from the bottom," I replied, staring at him straight in the eye.
African women are many working hands: they are the real strength that Africa can count on. And they are the creators of this poetry made of clay.

Coexistence is possible

Stories to inspire sustainable coexistence among the Earth's citizens

These photographs are fragments of an intimate and personal journey and represent the author's view of the ambiguities and contrasts of the Latin American continent.
White fish, born to move through the dark mud of the forest White, slimy, elusive fish that turned black as soon as they were removed from the earth.
Without names, without documents, without nationality, timeless. Free. This is the life of the Moken, the last nomads of the sea.
The story of an encounter with a Mahut and his elephant Kropun in the jungle of Mondulkiri, Cambodia.
The High Line is an urban park built on the remains of an elevated railroad that can take you across Manhattan's West Side at a height of 9 meters.

As explorers, we note the journey and what happens along the way

Kaoh Trong: a 10 km island resting on a sandbank in the middle of the Mekong. Two ancient pagodas, rice fields, banana trees, and pomelos.
The second short clip on the road of the series is dedicated to the long mission of the non-profit organisation MotoForPeace in South America. We are in Chile.
The fifth - and last - short clip on the road of the series is dedicated to the long mission of the non-profit organisation MotoForPeace in South America.
Kampong Cham has the largest community. They are the Cham and are of the Muslim faith, though with Hindu influences.
Tarantulas are one of the most characteristic dishes of Cambodian cuisine and also a powerful elixir of beauty - they say.
Eventually, by trying to become 'unseen', perhaps, we might even find our own space to take up. The Mekong Notes started, directly from Bangkok.

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