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Illegal dump

Illegal dumping in Zanzibar, part of a forthcoming documentary on the environment
Illegal dumping, Zanzibar | ©DooG Reporter, 2021

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There are several narratives we are pursuing here on the island, but the most substantial is a documentary on the environment, with a particular focus on rubbish and plastic management. In this short video, we see two illegal dumpsites found simply by going a few metres into the shamba (hinterland), located within a couple of kilometres of each other. Illegal dumping is an activity made mainly by those hotels that do not adhere to a proper waste management programme. This can be confirmed by the kind of products found in these dumpsites and the receipts that sometimes bear the full name of the hotel –

As often happens with such sensitive topics, the situation is more complex than one might think by seeing, for example, only the images below. We met people who, taking responsibility for being the change you want to be, have rolled up their sleeves to resolve this situation, some more openly, others acting discreetly to maintain a virtuous balance.
These are people who are putting their heart and soul into it so that through education and the demand for proper waste disposal infrastructure, these illegal dumps and the many fires set to burn rubbish are just a memory. There is still a lot to do, but a lot is already done.

All of it we will tell you in our documentary Taka Taka

Zanzibar | DooG Reporter, 2021
Drone Footage: Gabriele Orlini 
Video Edit: Lisa Zillio 
Original text in Italian - In house translation
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Climate change and plastic pollution are changing the environment and the economy of Zanzibar, the pearl of Tanzania.

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