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Hola Sergio

Argentinians and their strong spirit of belonging are portrayed in a salute to my father who left Buenos Aires as a child.
Comedor en La Boca | ©Alida Vanni, 2018
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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hola Sergio is a project born when I arrived in Buenos Aires, my father’s hometown. Sergio, my father, left the capital of Argentina at the age of 7 to come and live in Italy with his whole family. And then, he stayed here and never returned to live in Argentina, as life’s cases dictate.

It is a very personal photographic project. I thought of creating a collection of photos to retrace the paths and memories of a child who now, as an adult, is nostalgic for his homeland, and the places and people he encounters daily. From the newsagent to the butcher, the mate drinker, the hairdresser, the florist, and the empanadas seller. But also the signs in the street, the details of a Café – one of the most famous in the city -, the jersey of the national football team, and a seemingly endless list of names in imperishable memory of one of the darkest moments in the history of Argentina.

Hola Sergio: greetings from Buenos Aires

Argentines and their strong spirit of belonging, their love for their nation and their country, are portrayed as a “Hola Sergio” from Buenos Aires. Greetings to my father, geographically far away but with his heart always close to his hometown. And who knows, maybe that will take away some of his nostalgia.

Text e Photos: Eleonora Rettori 
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Eleonora Rettori

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Academy Xperience Buenos Aires Streets

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