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Take Care Kids in Thailand

They are the children taken in by the voluntary organisation Take Care Kids Onlus; they are souls trying to regain a future.
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How heavy is a tear?
It depends: the tear of a wayward child weighs less than the wind,
that of a starving child weighs more than the whole earth

Pattaya, Thailandia

Champoo, a 5-year-old of Burmese origin, Kung, a 5-year-old from Thailand and then Jing Jing, a 7-year-old from Cambodia, is here with her little brother. And more Nam Nueng, 5-year-old, Thai, Fon, 5-year-old, from Cambodia and his little brother Jing Jing, Kao, 3-year-old and Sun Sun, 5-year-old, Thai, Noot, 5-year-old and finally Ploy 11 years old from Thailand.

Take Care Kids Onlus

These are the children sheltered in the family home of Take Care Kids Onlus, a voluntary organisation based in Pattaya, Thailand, which supports, helps and protects children who have been abused. Here, through education, an attempt is made to give them a new future.

Text & Photos: Joyce Donnarumma 
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Pattaya, Thailandia
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Academy Xperience Thailandia Journey

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