Making an idea come to life
Educating the eye in everyday life
Turning an idea into a photographic tale

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Lab at Villa Cometti

Storytelling and Photography Lab

From 10 May 2019
 to 12 May 2019

featuring Gabriele Orlini and Barbara Silbe

Telling a story and focusing on the everyday.
Telling it through one’s own eyes, giving it body, time and breath.
But how do we create a coherent sequence of images with our narrative?

Because it is in the photographic narrative that individual shots are charged with a narrative power that they do not have on their own. Because the pictures in a story represent the action of moving through space and time exercised by the photographer’.. (cit.)

A lab (workshop) dedicated to the creation and research of ideas with paper, pen and camera. Working on the narrative construction of a story contained in a reportage, a journey, or even just a portrait. Transforming an idea into a tale with exercises and practical activities, educating the eye and the imagination in order, to tell the truth in the image. And not the truth of the image.

In the splendid location of Villa Cometti, an ancient 19th-century Venetian mansion in Spinea (VE), DooG Reporter is organising a Storytelling in Photography Lab curated by photojournalist Gabriele Orlini and with Barbara Silbe, editor-in-chief of EyesOpen! Magazine

The lab aims at the creation and research of ideas and the narrative construction of a story, educating the eye in order, to tell the truth in the image.

Together with a shooting session in Venice, the beautiful lagoon city just a few kilometres from Spinea, participants will be involved in a didactic course with practical exercises in storytelling and imagination with paper, pen, and camera. The aim is to bring out that ability to draw from one’s personality, culture, experience and education the links that are fundamental to be able to grasp those references that – once present in the photograph – give it a narrative and not just a descriptive sense.

Each participant will be given an outline to follow to produce a photographic story according to the mode that best suits them, such as photojournalism, reportage, storytelling, to more personal approaches.


The agenda has a flexible operating margin and may be subject to change over the course of the weekend while maintaining the aim of allowing everyone to experience the workshop and stay at Villa Cometti to the fullest and complete their work.

Friday 10 May
with Gabriele Orlini | Photoreporter

  • Afternoon
    • Arrival at Villa and accommodation
    • Beginning of work: Goal of the Lab
    • Storytelling in photography
    • Telling/imagining a photograph by reading a book
    • Educating the eye
    • Narrative exercises to ‘see and grasp things’
    • Telling the ‘self’
  • Evening
    • Viewing some narrative works in photography
    • Discussion

Saturday 11 May
with Gabriele Orlini | Photoreporter

  • Morning
    • Preparing the work everyone will do in Venice
    • Transfer to Venice
    • Start of work
  • Afternoon
    • Back to Villa Cometti
  • Evening
    • Discussion

Sunday 12 May
with Barbara Silbe | EyesOpen! Magazine

  • Selecting and constructing stories
  • Lab closure

Participation is limited to a maximum of 6 participants

Villa Cometti, Via Roma, 108A, 30038 Spinea VE, Italy
DooG's Founder
Documentary Photoreporter
DooG's Expert
Barbara Silbe
Journalist | Editor

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