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Lisa Zillio

Filmmaker | Producer

I enjoy going down paths where life is intertwined with art.

Lisa Zillio uses images and words to work. She has a cultural management background and a filmmaking specialisation from the NYFA – New York Film Academy. Since 2010 she has been involved in multimedia communication with a preference for the scientific-cultural area.

She likes to tell stories describing places where the environment is the absolute protagonist while the human component- if there is one- plays a secondary role. But, contradicting what has just been said, she is also interested in exploring and storytelling that artistic quid proper to human beings.

She has served on the editorial staff of a scientific journal. She has produced videos for multimedia exhibitions. Her photos have been published in two books. She has documented several scientific and humanitarian expeditions between Asia and South America. And it is on the road that Lisa Zillio is at her best. She loves having a four-wheeled vehicle as her office, the late nights editing videos, and the beauty of the world that sets a trap for her at every bend in the road to amaze her once more.

Curious out of boredom, she keeps her feet in several stirrups but without creating collisions: producing videos, reading, writing-not necessarily in this order. She has no favourite book, but Latin American literature invests her in cyclical waves over the years.

She does not much like being around too many people or being the centre of attention-or being photographed: hard to find a picture of her in which, when posed, she has a meaningful expression. When she can, she straddles her bicycle to immerse herself in nature, but strictly with headphones in her ears and sunglasses on.

She gets enthusiastic in front of a rainbow plunging into the ocean, watching a dancing crab, or hearing the sound of ice moving in the majesty of Perito Moreno.

South America Notes
Through Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile to document and support those who dedicate their lives to others.
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