Closed Ico

Reportage & Storytelling

From basics to realisation

From 29/06
 to 21/07/2021

Curated by Gabriele Orlini

Adaman Sea, Thailand | Gabriele Orlini, ©2017

"...a story is not an address to go to with sophisticated machines and the suitable filters. History means reading, studying, and preparing.
To photograph is to look in things for what one has understood in one's head." [Tiziano Terzani]

Closed Ico

Reportage & Storytelling

From basics to realisation

From 29 June 2021
 to 21 July 2021

2nd Edition

A REPORTAGE, which involves the precise documentation of facts and events that can be easily traced in their dimension of space and time, sometimes loses its fundamental component of NARRATION, something it should instead always keep alive.
Storytelling, for its part, does not bind its dimension to mere documentation of facts but places its purpose in the narrative. It does not require historical identification or geographical approval as it places its primary purpose in the reader’s emotionality and sensitivity.

The narrative goes beyond the simple concept of series of photographs By commonality of theme or subject matter, and that itself of illustration for photographs, in that the photographic narrative has in its specificity the power to interpenetrate photographs into one another while retaining the meaning and narrative power of the individual image, preserve and enhances its strength of expression by merely connecting to the others in a structured narrative sequence.

What does it take to tell a story, and how do you focus on the daily to say to it through your own eyes, give it a body, time, and breath?

How to create a sequence of images consistent with our storytelling?


The Class “Reportage: the telling of a story.” by photoreporter Gabriele Orlini is an educational course aimed at creating objective and subjective awareness and methods for creating a photographic narrative that differs from reportage in its requirements for truth, objectivity, spontaneity, and facts.

It aims at creating and researching ideas, the narrative construction of a story contained in a report, a trip, or even a single portrait.
Through exercises and hands-on activities, educating the eye in recognizing stories, to tell the truth in the image will provide foundations of method-before form for the ability to reason in the narrative, from idea creation to planning, from subject writing to story creation, from photographic approach to the selection of “functional” images to the final representation.

The Class is aimed at preparing and realising a personal photographic storytelling project.


The Class Reportage: the telling of a Story consists of. Four classes online for two hours each, developed in a constant sharing of dialogues and thoughts, allowing participants to build their path according to individual inclinations.
From Creating an Idea to Defining a Subject, from Planning to Realization through Functional Selection for Photographic Storytelling.

In the FIRST LESSON (June 29), we lay the groundwork between Reportage and Storytelling, including through the example of published work. We work on developing the Idea with method exercises to train the ability and sensitivity to Storytelling, educating the gaze to the world around us.
The SECOND (July 7) and THIRD LESSONS (July 14) continue with what was learned in the previous meetings, expanding on the concepts acquired with additional exercises and contexts. Each participant is called upon in the context of the “discussion” and, by their characteristics, is assigned a personal photographic storytelling project to be presented and discussed in the FOURTH LESSON (July 21).

Requirements and Calendar

  • Open to all, at least a basic level of photography is required.
  • An interest in fiction will make the lessons better assimilable.
  • Classes of two hours each are conducted OnLine via Zoom© for 8 hours.
  • Starting June 29, weekly from 7 to 9 p.m.

The most exciting works, in line with the goals of DooG Reporter, will be considered for publication.

DooG's Founder
Documentary Photoreporter

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Stories from inside

They are the children taken in by the voluntary organisation Take Care Kids Onlus; they are souls trying to regain a future.
The profession of a photojournalist is made up of encounters and relationships with the world one knows and the world one changes.
Paseador de perros are young girls and boys who walk several dogs at the same time, along the streets of Buenos Aires.
The story of a day spent at the Kikadini school, where feeling out of place never felt so good.

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