Telling the Delta Life
Discovering Vietnam and its people.
An intimate and engaging experience
That goes beyond photography and reportage

Mekong Delta

Xperience of Reportage and Storytelling

From 7 October 2024
 to 19 October 2024

Curated by Gabriele Orlini

Try to imagine an emerald green place where the land surrenders to the will of the Great River.
A place that captivates with its genuine simplicity and natural beauty.

Away from the hectic pace of the city, where time flows to the slow lull of the river as it winds through canals and rice paddies, villages on stilts and floating markets, in a landscape that fades into the horizon.

©Thai Nguyen

Now imagine the river: the Mother of Waters, which feeds and gives life to millions of people and is the custodian of a culture thousands of years old and witness to fascinating stories.

A giant of water that, after nearly 5 thousand kilometres of a long journey that began on the peaks of Tibet, finds peace in the South China Sea with an immense Delta, a labyrinth of canals and islands home to a biodiversity unique in the world.

mekong, laos
©Gabriele Orlini

Here, This place exists
It is the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam.

Vietnam – Mekong Delta is an immersive and engaging Reportage Xperience in the DooG Reporter style. A Training on Travel that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the heart of the Delta and tell its story through your photography.

Fieldwork, alongside photojournalist Gabriele Orlini, getting your hands and feet dirty, experiencing firsthand the realities and daily life of local communities. An experience, certainly tiring at times, but one that will reward you with genuine emotions and honest photography.


Vietnam – Mekong Delta is aimed at photographers and reporters who wish to increase their skills in Documentary Photography, Reportage, Photojournalism and, most importantly, Storytelling.

  • Develop your method of storytelling by assigning an assignment to complete
  • Connect with local communities and build authentic relationships
  • Handling the difficulties and unforeseen events that arise during a reporting job
  • Producing quality material under tight deadlines

These are some of the important points of this Training in Vietnam.
Not just a Photograph that is up to the task, but how to create and manage all the context that can lead you to make “those” photographs to Tell “that” story.

During the Xperience you will have the guidance of Gabriele Orlini by your side, who will work with you and provide ongoing advice and support. You will be able to rely on his extensive experience and knowledge to best develop your projects.

Maturing one’s view of things happening, experiencing and narrating them firsthand, working in the field on an assignment.


Vietnam – Mekong Delta is an opportunity to test your skills and grow as a photographer and/or photojournalist. An experience that will leave a lasting impression on you and allow you to tell the stories of the Mekong Delta with knowledge and understanding, even before photography.

Based on the idea of learning by doing for a team of up to 4 people, … It is NOT a Photo Trip.

The ideal attendee is that person – photographer, videomaker, writer, reporter – who does not stop at the surface of things but puts himself out there to touch and understand the facts and stories he will tell with his head. We like to work with excellent and determined people.

It is NOT suitable for those seeking an all-inclusive photography trip., or a relaxing workshop.
Everyone will be responsible for himself, and the work will be a lot: Gabriele Orlini is someone who demands the most from each participant – he gives two hundred per cent as a mentor – and we like him for that very reason.


  • Increase experience and expertise in documentary photography, reportage and storytelling
  • Managing the work rhythm of the photographer/photojournalist in real-life situations
  • Increase photographic technique for reportage and storytelling
  • Producing work on the road
  • Living a deep experience
  • Understanding if this job is for you


We will move along the Delta area by local means, by tuk-tuk, by car, by boat, or by foot.
We will plan the work plan day by day and in areas where there is a History to discover and bring back home. We will sleep in the townships and villages, and to close the day, every evening -and sometimes the night -, there will be editing sessions of the work done so far, with ample space devoted to discussion and confrontation.

  • Ho Chi Minh | Meeting and the start of work
  • Can Tho
  • My Tho and its islands
  • Cai Rang
  • Vinh Long
  • Cai Be
  • Sa Dec and An Binh Island
  • Between Vinh and Khmer Culture
©Udo Mittermeier


  • Would you like to participate, but time is an issue? Let’s talk about it!
  • The work we will be doing in Vietnam will be prepared in the preceding months with online sessions
  • NEWSROOM – Submissions made – in line with the requirements of photographic quality and storytelling – in agreement with the author, will be evaluated for a presence on DooG Reporter channels and/or submitted to other newsrooms or publishers.
  • Submission of the form IS NOT BINDING and counts as a Proposal to Participate.
  • Applicants will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a video call.
Mekong Delta, Vietnam
DooG's Founder
Documentary Photoreporter

Ready to apply?

Length: 13 days (12 nights)
Start Date: 7 October 2024
End Date: 19 October 2024
Availability: Max 4 registrations
Difficulties: Medium
Cost* € 1.100,00 (VAT comp.)
End Reg.: August 31st or sold out
Deposit: 300€ at registration
  • Online pre-departure work preparation session
  • 13 days of Training on the travel by Gabriele Orlini
  • Airport transfer to Ho Chi Minh
  • Hotel accommodation for 12 nights in a double room
  • Inland transport
  • Fee for local fixers
  • Health insurance while in Vietnam
  • Scheduled flight Italy – Ho Chi Minh
  • Meals, drinks, tips
  • Transfers and personal mobility, such as cab, motorcycle, bicycle, tuk tuk
  • What is not specified in ‘The fee includes‘.

It is estimated to spend an average of $10-$15 per day on meals.

Subject: Proposal for Mekong Delta

Stories from inside

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