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Martina Marini is from Rome, born in 1985. A photographer, journalist, graphic designer and, not to be outdone – and for the innate curiosity that accompanies her – currently studying as a video maker.

The desire to intertwine with the other’s gaze, to caress it, and to try to tell it, drove her to pick up her camera and go. She feels she has no roots anywhere. But the desire to continue savouring colours, listening to sunrises, observing silences and, starting with a smile, participating in the lives of others.

«“Losing myself, but still going… next stop…” »

©Martina Marini
The desire to intertwine with the other's gaze prompted me to pick up my camera and go.

Martina Marini in DooG Reporter

Block Notes
Interview with Martina Marini, journalist and author of DooG Reporter, on the complex historical time we are living through, COVID-19.
Mario is calm in a world of speed, he is pure loyalty in relationships in a society of careerists, and he is knowing how to live with dignity.
We go into the heart of Villa 31. We have entered an inter-world, where you quickly realise that the state is not there and the police are almost absent.
One morning in February, I immersed myself in its colours, also looking for the people who live here, the hues that so characterise La Boca.
The Cartoneros go around the city streets hunting for anything recyclable that becomes food, and survival for them.
... caricamento in corso

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