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Marco Marcone


Marco Marcone

Marco was born in Rome in 1967 and has been photographing since the age of 12 when he received his first camera, a Nikon FE, as a gift from his father, which he still keeps and uses sporadically. Since then, he never stopped looking at the world from behind the camera’s lens.

He has an engineering degree and is a manager. Photography is not his profession but his passion. He lives in Rome with his wife Erika and daughters Ludovica and Cecilia.

Marco has attended courses and seminars held by leading Italian and international photographers, with some of whom he has established friendships with. He has won several national and international awards.

He cares about social and cultural issues; he has photographed peoples and stories at every latitude, at all temperatures and in all environmental conditions, seeking to establish relationships rather than steal portraits… attempting to retain what by its very nature is destined to pass away, man and his affairs.

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The Escuela de Cirabana Circus offers children and young people the opportunity to learn a discipline and become circus professionals tomorrow.
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