Martìn Cambriglia

The importance of lightness

Interview with Martin Cambriglia, painter, illustrator, art teacher and author of DooG Reporter, on this complex historical time.
Martin Cambriglia | ©Erica Balduzzi, 2020

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We asked our authors and our network to answer three questions on how they are coping with this challenging moment in history. Here is an interview with MARTIN CAMBRIGLIA, painter, illustrator, art teacher and contributor to DooG Reporter.

Is there any beauty in the world, even banal, that you have rediscovered in this period?

I rediscovered the beauty of taking the time to do ‘useless’ things, realising they are more valuable than I thought.

How do you think your profession has changed or will change?

My business as a painter was already changing; the resources of time and money spent on organising live exhibitions or presentations at art galleries are now progressively flowing into e-commerce and social promotions, personal marketing studies and improving one’s online presence, investigating new forms of livelihood such as monetising content, selling remote experiences (online courses) and improving one’s ‘machine’ to avoid waste. The challenge will be to preserve quality and a positive outlook. Otherwise, professions like this lose all meaning.

A picture, a book and a song that represent this period for you.

The image of me searching for edible wild herbs. We are not starving, but learning to recognise, pick and eat them gives me great satisfaction.

As a book, I choose Calvino’s The American Lessons. Although I haven’t finished it, having it on my bedside table reminds me of the importance of lightness in art.

As music, I choose J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, a wonderful collection of 24 preludes and 24 fugues for piano. Taking the time to study even complex music intrigues me and helps keep me well-occupied.

Text: Martìn Cambriglia 
Original text in Italian - In house translation
Bergamo, Italia
DooG's Expert
Martin Cambirglia

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