Giordano Suaria

Rebel manes

Interview with Giordano Suaria of New Old Camera, on how he coped with these months of forced closure due to the pandemic.
Some eat before others. Milan, Sforza Castle Moat. | @Giordano Suaria, 2020

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We asked our authors and our network to answer three questions on how they are coping with this challenging moment in history. Here is an interview with GIORDANO SUARIA from New Old Camera.

Is there any beauty in the world, even banal, that you have rediscovered in this period?

I struggle to identify a ‘beauty’ in the world, whether new or rediscovered. Instead, the conviction has sadly strengthened in me that some human beings, in challenging times, unfortunately, show the worst of themselves (fortunately not all). Instead, I found much comfort within the walls of my home, with my wife and children with whom I spent so much time. Seeing their hair grow daily into natural, unruly manes was a tangible sign of the time spent together.

How do you think your profession has changed or will change?

My profession was already very much oriented towards the use of new technologies (web and social) and therefore the social distancing did not limit my possibilities and in fact perhaps facilitated them. However, I consider myself lucky because I faced this situation in an era of substantial prosperity and a part of the world with advanced technological development.

A picture, a book and a song that represent this period for you.

Musica: Violet to Blue (Nik Kershaw. Radio Musicola. MCA Records 1986)

Text: Giordano Suaria 
Original text in Italian - In house translation
Milano, Italia
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Giordano Suaria
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