Djilo Louis Blaise
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Djilo Louis Blaise


In the concert of the development of nations, African countries see their cultures being diluted in the different waves of socio-cultural currents imposed by globalization.

Photography is an effective tool to preserve our cultures and promote our customs and habits for a promising future.

TCHATCHOUANG DJILO Louis Blaise was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1964 and resides in Mbalmayo, 45 km south of the capital.

An agricultural engineer by training, he has been fascinated by the graphic arts since childhood. He drew and began amateur photography at age 13 with an AGFA Pocket Sensor camera (110 film). The real turning point came when he met a nature photographer who allowed him to look at the world through the viewfinder of an SLR camera.

In the 1980s, he devoted himself to film photography (slide on colour paper and black and white lab). Its practice faded in the 2000s due to the high cost of purchasing photographic equipment, including film, paper, and lab baths.

He resumed business through his professional assignment in the city of Garoua, Cameroon, where he took advantage of the sumptuous landscapes and cultural facts of this stunning region.

The artist is passionate about portrait and landscape photography and photojournalism.
He is particularly interested in social and cultural phenomena such as the ritual dances and traditional ceremonies of his country. With the aim of participating in the capitalization and archiving of a local heritage which is crumbling too quickly in the face of the invasive standardization of globalization.

T. DJILO Louis Blaise is a trainer and member of the KAMERA collective (Cameroon).

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