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Artem Khazov


Russian Federation

He started doing photography just over five years ago.
Until then, extreme sports such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, and diving played a leading role in his life. Once, while snowboarding, his friend brought a camera and explained the basic settings. At the time, he did not yet realise the importance the camera would assume in his life, but that day, he took a picture that remains his favourite.

Sometime later, he experienced what it meant to lose a camera. His first camera drowned in the Mediterranean Sea during the shooting of the sunken ship “Zenobia.” All the material was lost, along with the camera, which was very frustrating.
Then, he decided to take care of the following camera and became interested in portrait photography and retouching. This path led him to a marketing agency, where he worked for about a year.

This agency also sent him to Africa in 2021. It was his first trip to the continent at that time, and he had no idea what would come out of it. His shoots in Tanzania took up the first half of the day, after which he was completely free and left to his own devices. It was in Tanzania that he first worked with the Maasai and Hadzabe tribes, and he also had the opportunity to go on a safari, where he discovered wildlife photography.

Reflecting on that trip today, it seems to him that it was from that moment that his journey into serious photography began.

Artem Hazov
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