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Apulian, born in 1991, Elisa De Pascali works in tourism and is an eternal traveller in body and mind.

After a degree in Interpreting and Translation and a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication in England, she began to wonder about her place in the world at an early age. She felt a strong pull towards India during Erasmus, thanks to her Indian neighbour in Germany. Listening to stories and tales of this fascinating country every day, she is getting closer and closer to Indian history and culture, of which she is still studying the Hindi language.

The fateful moment comes with an internship at a women’s empowerment NGO in Bangalore. Subsequently, he worked for two years in Pune for German companies. From the very first day in India, it is love at first sight: she falls in love with its colours and the life that flows around every corner.

After years of adventures around the world, she felt the need to rediscover the value of her homeland, Puglia. She returns home to Salento with the aim of showing the world its beauty and sharing her journey through her blog.

For her, travelling means discovering new flavours, smelling different aromas, venturing into forgotten places and, above all, immersing herself in the culture and merging with the local people.

In Apulia, Elisa De Pascali works for incoming travel agencies and collaborates with a Sinhalese tour operator.

You leave to know the world, you come back to know yourself‘ is his mantra taken from a song by Niccolò Fabi.

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Puglia blood and Indian soul

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During the Kumbh Mela, homage is paid to the legendary urn carried in flight by Vishnu and containing drops of the water of eternal life.
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